International Forum
1-2 December 2021
London, UK

Casting Bridge Forum

Applications are now closed
Acceptance of applications for the international Casting Bridge Forum, held annually at Russian Film Week in the UK, has closed. The forum will be held on 1-2 December, 2021 in London, in person.

The results will be announced on the 1st of November.

Purpose of the Forum
Casting Bridge (Great Britain) is a unique project of Russian Film Week, which consolidates under its brand an international forum, a community of English-Speaking Russian Acting Talents and educational programmes. The main goal of the Casting Bridge brand is to unite professionals from the casting industry to share experience and create a platform for English-Speaking Russian Acting Talents from Russia, Great Britain and the Europe.
Competition details
There are 30 participation spaces in the forum. Organisers will pay for accommodation and flight tickets for one finalist. The rest of the chosen participants will be provided with support in obtaining a UK visa as well as free participation in the casting forum. Participants from Russia need to familiarize themselves with the rules for entering the UK and comply with quarantine measures upon arrival in London.

The selected actors will be able to take part in round tables, master classes and have the opportunity to present themselves to casting directors and agents from the U.K. as well as casting representatives from European casting platforms.
About Casting Bridge Forum
The forum was first held in 2018 at the BFI in London for actors invited to Russian Film Week.

In 2019, the Forum opened applications for all interested actors from Russia, Europe and the UK.

In 2018 and 2019 forum was held in person. Actors from Russia, including Aglaya Tarasova, Vladimir Mishukov, Irina Gorbacheva, Irina Starshenbaum, Maria Kozhevnikova, Eva Andreevaite, Denis Shvedov, Alexandra Bystzhitskaya, Tatyana Polosina, Yanina Studilina, Irina Chesnokovina, Svetlana Komilina, Sofia Doniyants, Inga Leps, Iris Lebedeva, Sabina Akhmedova, Philip Mogilnitsky and many others took part in Casting Bridge Forum.

In 2020 due to the pandemic, the Forum was held online. Thanks to this, the events were attended by 800 people from all over the world.

In 2021, the organisers held a joint round table with partnership of Roskino as part of the Cannes Film Festival official business programme.

Last year we were forced to host an online forum. But this year we decided that we would hold the forum live, at all costs, even if this meant a smaller number of participants. It is very important for us to bring Russian talent face to face with leading casting directors from the UK and Europe. Our successful round table in Cannes, which took place at the Roskino pavilion this year showed that there is an interest in Russian actors in the West, and it will continue to grow.
Julia Khamitova
Actress, Producer, Curator of Casting Bridge Forum
The objectives of Russian Film Week are to promote Russian-language cinema and talents on the international arena, thus build cultural bridges between Russia and Europe for successful cooperation and mutual understanding. Casting Bridge is the embodiment of these challenges and the pride of our industry programme.
Филип Перкон
Founder and General Producer of Russian Film Week in Great Britain
For me the trip to London to Russian Film Week became a kind of impulse for qualitative changes in my acting career. After a series of workshops and conversations with film industry professionals at the Casting Bridge Forum, I set new goals and an action plan for myself. I also made very important acquaintances with directors and casting directors, for example, with Klim Shipenko, Alexey Uchitel, Vladimir Khotinenko, Nancy Bishop, Carol Dudley, with some of whom I established professional relationships later. The Russian Film Week programme gave me a powerful boost, and put me on the right track. Within 2 months, I was signed to two acting agencies. One covered projects in Russia, the other in Europe. A lot does depend on personal qualities, motivation, and a little luck – but this is a good chance for a new start and advancement into the world of big cinema.
Ronald Pelin
2019 competition winner
The most important outcome of the event was an exchange of contacts - both sides (Russian and British casting directors) confirming their desire and, most importantly, creating opportunities for cooperation. It was also useful to learn about the current European database of actors that they use. We thought about the possibility of connecting Russian casting directors to this database. Such meetings expand the scope of professional opportunities and will undoubtedly benefit our cinema.
Elina Ternyaeva
Casting director, participant of the closed round table table at the Forum in 2019
Participants and speakers from previous years


Participants of the closed round table for casting directors: Ekaterina Dyukova, Elina Ternyaeva, Alla Sagalovich (Russia), Heather Basten, Jenny Duffy, Gillian Hawser, Angela Grosvenor, Polly Hootkins, Sophie Kingston-Smith, Nancy Bishop (UK)

Masterclass by Carol Dudley on audition preparation
Q&A with Daria Moroz about working with an agent


Casting directors from Russia: Vova Golov, Liza Shmakova, Tanya Khrechkova

UK Casting Directors: Debbie McWilliams, Maureen Duff, Manuel Puro, Victor Jenkins and the Head of European office of Casting Society of America - Nancy Bishop

Casting director from Poland - Ewa Lepska
Casting Bridge Mission
To give English-Speaking Russian acting talents the opportunity to work in international projects, bring together actors and casting directors, inspire them to great acting deeds.

During the three years of our work, we helped about 200 actors to learn about international platforms and the international film industry in general. Now foreign casting directors request our assistance to help them to find a particular contact of the actor they would like to invite for an audition. And this indicates that English-Speaking Russian acting talents are being in demand.

We are ready and willing to help actors to build bridges in the industry. Thanks to Casting Bridge, more than 20 actors have signed contracts with agents and started building their international careers.
London, UK
Moscow, Russia
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