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  • Julia Khamitova
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  • Anna Sashina
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About us
Casting Bridge is a unique project of the Russian Film Week which includes an international forum, a community of Russian-speaking actors and educational programs.
The goal of Casting Bridge is to unite professionals of casting industry for exchanging their experience and creating a single platform for English-speaking Russian acting talents from Russia, the UK and the EU countries.
The Casting Bridge Forum has been held in London since 2018 as part of the Russian Film Week (RFW) business program.
Since 2020, the Casting Bridge team has regularly holding a series of webinars and intensive courses for actors.

Leading casting director Debbie McWilliams and agent Steve Cash highly acclaimed the potential of Russian artists and their acting skills

A discussion on "Russian actors: new trends" took place at the Russian Pavilion at 74th Cannes Film Festival, July 13th, 2021

International casting directors, agents, actors and producers discussed the future of Russian talents on the world stage in a panel discussion at the Russian Pavilion hosted by CASTING BRIDGE, a community of English-speaking Russian acting talents abroad, and ROSKINO.

Russian talent is now thriving and securing more roles in international projects. The incredible pool of diverse talent is rightfully getting recognized by international industry and receiving professional acclaim for the strength of their performances and versatility. There is an increasing number of opportunities opening up for Russian talents, which is beginning to show its value and worth to both the project and the marketplace.

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