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Community of English-Speaking Russian Acting Talents
A community of the Casting Bridge acting talents who want to build an international career and receive professional support.
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Educational intensive courses
Since 2020, Casting Bridge has been providing weekly intensive courses in Zoom: "Actor promotion in Russia and abroad".
About the course
Casting Bridge Forum
The forum will be held on 1-2 December, 2021 in London in an offline format.

The forum has been held as part of the Russian Film Week (RFW) business program for casting industry professionals and Russian-speaking actors in London since 2018 at the end of November.
About us
Casting Bridge is a unique project of the Russian Film Week which includes an international forum, a community of Russian-speaking actors and educational programs.
The goal of Casting Bridge is to unite professionals of casting industry for exchanging their experience and creating a single platform for English-Speaking Russian Acting Talents from Russia, the UK and the EU countries.
The Casting Bridge Forum has been held in London since 2018 as part of the Russian Film Week (RFW) business program.
Since 2020, the Casting Bridge team has regularly holding a series of webinars and intensive courses for actors.
Our benefits
  • 1
    We provide support and insights to help you become a world-class performer
  • 2
    Your acting profile on the community website
  • 3
    Lectures from world-renowned experts
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    Private events with casting directors, organized only for Casting Bridge actors at foreign film festivals and movie markets
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    Assistance in accreditation for European film festivals
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    Monthly Open call with casting directors
Casting Bridge Mission
To give English-Speaking Russian acting talents the opportunity to work in international projects, bring together actors and casting directors, inspire them to great acting deeds.

During the three years of our work, we helped about 200 actors to learn about international platforms and the international film industry in general. Now foreign casting directors request our assistance to help them to find a particular contact of the actor they would like to invite for an audition. And this indicates that English-Speaking Russian acting talents are being in demand.

We are ready and willing to help actors to build bridges in the industry. Thanks to Casting Bridge, more than 20 actors have signed contracts with agents and started building their international careers.
Acting Talents
Members of the International Community of English-Speaking Russian Acting Talents Casting Bridge
  • Aleksandr Kuznetsov
  • Ania Nova
  • Daria Pisareva
  • Elene Mushkaeva
  • Philipp Mogilnitskiy
  • Yulia Graut
  • Maria Lobanova
  • Mira Albor
  • Vera Egorova
  • Anastasia Reshetnikova
  • Liza Paturel
  • Daria Zueva
  • Anna Kotova
  • Alisa Klemantovich
  • Marina Grishakova
  • Regina Bikkinina
  • Mariel Chledowska
  • Anna Ador
  • Alyona Chekhova
  • Kersti Ilves
  • Jenya Chaplin
  • Aliona Baranova
  • Sebastien Sisak
  • Ira Verbitskaya
  • Elvira Sinelnik
  • Julia Khamitova
    Actress / Producer
  • Filip Perkon
  • Olga Kurskova
    Producer / Photographer
+7 (995) 896-63-80
London, UK
Moscow, Russia
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