Maria Lobanova
Place of residence: Moscow (Russia)
Playing age: 13-17
Year of birth: 2006
Height: 5'3'' (161 cm)
Languages: Russian (native), English (intermediate)
Possible accommodation: Ukraine
Awards: Golden Unicorn Awards 2019 - General Producer Philippe Percon's Award for the role in the film "Success"
Ethnic types: Eurasian

Buran (2021) feature film
Little warrior (Malenky voin) (2021) feature film
Food hall (Pischeblok) (2020) TV
Number 1 (Nomer odin) (2020) feature film
The adventures of the exhibit (2020) feature film
Success (2019) feature film
Trainer (2018) feature film
Hold my hand (2017) TV

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Agent in Moscow (Russia)

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